Clima Plus

Condensate Drain Pumps

Blue pumps accessories

CR Plug BD-0010

The pump operates continuously when the air conditioning is on.

Temperature sensor Hot and Cold BD-0011

Installed at the air entry and exit to show when cooling is needed.

Recervoir rensor with energy efficiency BD-0012

It is active only during the production of condensate.

Drain Stick®  BD-0013

Thin probe can be installed directly in the exhaust pipe of any type of system, instead of the float.

Adapters BD-0014A / BD-0014B

Flexible and rigid stepped adapter.

Multitank kit BD-0015

Supplied with up/down sensor that turns the pump on only in the presence of condensation. An alternative to the traditional floats, no moving parts, for multi-split systems.


MiniBlue MaxiBlue MicroBlue

CR Plug


Temperature sensor Hot and Cold

BD-0012 Recervoir rensor with energy efficiency  

Drain Stick®


Rigid adapter

BD-0014B Flexible adapter  
BD-0015 Multitank kit