Clima Plus

Condensate Drain Pumps


Very silent pump that does not require any additional silencing accessories when it is in action, it can also be mounted in any position and orientation whilst operating both wet and dry continuously. It is a dual voltage pump which uses proven thermistor level sensing technology to remove the risk of stuck or sunken float switches. No filters, no noise (always silent when active even in the absence of water), no maintenance, no high costs, no loss of time, 3 years warranty.


Max flow rate 5 l/h
Discharge head 2 m
Self priming 5 m
Power supply 230V - 70 mA






Option 1 - Reservoir sensor (energy efficiency) - not included

Drip connected to the reservoir in which the presence of condensation starts the solid state switch, which turns the pump off. It is active only during the production of condensate. The alarm switches the air conditioning off and turns it on when the level returns to the standard level.



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