Clima Plus

Condensate Drain Pumps


Patented rotary diaphragm pumps

Thanks to the advanced technology of rotary diaphragm, the condensate is drawn into the pump by vacuum and mechanically driven within a reinforced elastomeric diaphragm to outlet under pressure. This system resists and also works with liquids with solid impurities and light residues, keeping on drawing the liquid. No filters, no noise (silent product when active even in the absence of water), no maintenance, no high costs, no loss of time, 3 years warranty.


Max flow rate 8 l/h
Discharge head 8 m
Self priming 5 m self-activation
Power supply 230V - 70 mA






With connectors that connect directly to 6x9 mm tube drainage, mounting kits and power cord.

Option 1 - 230 V CR plug - included in the BD-001

The pump works continuously when the air conditioning system is turned on. A timer ensures that each condensate track is removed after the air conditioner turns off.

Option 2 - Temperature sensor Hot and Cold - not included in the BD-001

A temperature sensor installed at the air entry and exit shows when cooling is needed. It constantly keeps active the pump when the air conditioner is on whether in presence of condensate or not.