Clima Plus

Condensate drain system

Adaptor connections


Joints designed to connect rigid pipe to flexible drain hose. They are suitable for joining the outlet pipes of the evaporator to the pipe or hose of a different size. They allow easy connection to pipes Ø 14-16-18-20.


Connector to join a split hose to a condensate removal pump. Made of two parts, one of hard PVC, the other one of soft PVC. Suitable for all pump models.


9899-143-01 16 15 pz
9899-144-01 18 10 pz
9899-145-01 20 10 pz
9899-146-01 25 10 pz
9899-147-01 32 10 pz
9899-386-0195 16/13,5 1 pz

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