More than 30 years experience in the metal and plastic works

Our company has been working in the plastic and metal processing industry for over thirty years. During the past decade VECAMCO s.r.l. gained a leading market position - both in the Italian as well as in the foreign HVAC markets – manufacturing and trading air-conditioning accessories and ventilation components. The VECAMCO products stand out for their first-rate quality, attested by international organisations which guarantee for their compliance with the industry regulations.

A constant attention to the market needs, high flexibility and dynamism in providing tailor-made solutions to the customers, matched with very quick deliveries led to a huge sales growth of CLIMA PLUS air-conditioning accessories, COVENT ventilation components and MECHANICAL COVENT, accessories for the Mechanical ventilation and the inlet for civil purposes. Three comprehensive lines of products which are well known and very much appreciated both in Italy as well as all over the world.