790×548 h 158 mm A.G.S. Kit supplied with standard condensate drain pan

A.G.S. is a system for supporting condensing units

  • It allows you to install the condensation drain pan as low as 110mm from the ground
  • It is made of high resistance thermoplastic material
  • The ground supports are stackable and allow multiple applications in height
  • The connection bar allows for variations in length and depth
  • The ground supports include vibration dampening TPE rubber gasket for secure ground installation
  • Stainless steel brackets for anchoring of the supports to the ground
  • Also available as ground support without condensate drain pan


  • Supplied with condensate drain pans that can be positioned as low as 110 mm from the ground
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Possibility of anchoring to the ground
  • Adjustable in height, length and depth
  • It reduces the vibrations transmitted by the condensing units to the installation surface
  • Possibility to customize the system due to its modular components

System components:

  • 4 pcs 158 mm high ground supports, supplied with anti-vibration rubber
  • 2 pcs 548 bars
  • 790×390 h 30 mm Condensate drain pan with 90° condensate waste, Ø 20 mm
  • Nylon screw kit


Categories: Clima Plus, Air conditioning and Refrigeration




9898-064-08 790x548x158 mm